Now you can have a fresh meal and a clean kitchen!

All of our dishes are prepared and ready for delivery already frozen but a selection of fresh (unfrozen) meals are available daily. So if you want something for dinner on the night just give me a ring and see what I have fresh in the fridge. Enjoy hassle-free delicious homemade meals - Call 01327 261694 today!


Our Philosophy

The idea for Eydon’s Pantry came about through my personal experience of modern family life. I was going out to work every day, arriving home at the same time as the children, and then rushing around trying to find something quick for tea before dashing off to some club or another.

Talking to other parents made me realise that I was not alone and that most people have something on most – if not all – evenings (be it football, ballet, gymnastics or, in my case, swimming) .

We all want to feed our families, and ourselves, with healthy homemade food but invariably life gets in the way. That is where Eydon’s Pantry can help you out!

At Eydon’s Pantry we do all of the groundwork to ensure that you can have delicious homemade meals prepared and ready in the freezer. The meals that I make have no preservatives or additives and any packets, jars or sauces are nowhere to be seen. It is just good, wholesome, homemade food that you would make yourself (if you had the time) giving you the convenience of fast food but without the guilt!

Experience & Special Dishes

As well as creating dishes for my own family, I have worked for a number of years as a nursery cook (preparing meals for children aged six months to school age) and here we were also contracted to provide primary school dinners.

I have therefore had a lot of experience in creating menus that cater for all dietary requirements including vegetarians and children with food intolerances, so if you need anything special preparing it is not a problem – just ask.